Sandra Baggerman

Trahan Architects / Architect and Tutor

Sandra Baggerman is dedicated to crafting captivating spaces that evoke moments of revelation and wonder, harmonizing and uplifting with the local context.  As a Dutch architect with degrees in Architecture from the esteemed Technical University of Delft (T.U. Delft), her academic journey delved deep into harnessing the dynamic and evolving principles of ecosystems to enrich architectural endeavors for the betterment of society.

Before her tenure at Trahan, Sandra honed her skills at prestigious firms such as BIG Copenhagen and MVRDV Rotterdam, leaving her mark on a diverse range of projects including high-rise towers, residential blocks, sustainable office campuses, urban masterplans, and cultural landmarks across the globe. Noteworthy among her achievements are spearheading successful competition submissions and steering projects from conceptualization to construction, with landmark endeavors like Kavel 3 Westerpark West, the Sax Tower, and The Hills in Ecuador. Beyond her professional endeavors, Sandra generously imparts her knowledge as a guest speaker and former design tutor at T.U. Delft, while also lending her discerning eye as a jury member for international architecture competitions, enriching the ongoing dialogue surrounding architectural innovation and excellence.
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