Tao Chen & Jade Lee

DesignRe-explore / Founders

Tao Chen & Jade Lee are the founders and co-founders of DesignRe-explore. DesignRe-explore (www.indesignadd.com) is an international media agency headquartered in Guangzhou with offices in London. DesignRe-explore has also established design industry platforms such as HEPER, an international design masterpiece-sharing platform, and awards, an international design competition platform.

Tao Chen and Jade Lee have been working in the architectural and interior design industry for nearly a decade, and have extensive experience in brand strategy, public relations and marketing planning. They have served over 200 founders, partners and managers of architectural and interior design firms, and have selected and sent designers or organizations to participate in prestigious international design competitions and helped them win nearly 600 awards.


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